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About Jaedena 

I first started practicing Yoga more than 10 years ago in New Zealand where I was born and raised and instantly fell in love with how it made me feel and the positive energy I felt from frequently practicing Yoga. 


Taking a break from the corporate life I moved to Dubai to "travel", intending to stay initially for just one year, that ended up being over four years of traveling round the world, taking Yoga classes in many different countries, in multiple languages that I couldn’t understand but I still loved to learn and immerse myself in new cultures and experiences.


Having always had a very active and athletic background I believe Yoga is the perfect way to continue a healthy lifestyle of staying fit, flexible, and well balanced at any age. 


Yoga has become somewhat second nature to me, I love how Yoga empowers the mind, body and soul so decided to share my passion through teaching. Still residing in Dubai over two years ago completed my first Yoga teaching training, hoping to inspire people to get upside down more and fall in love with Yoga and it’s benefits as much as I have.


I am still constantly learning it is a journey, this is another aspect of Yoga I love you can never know enough it is always challenging, humbling and interesting. I frequently attend workshops and Yoga Alliance recognized trainings to keep my knowledge up to date and continue to learn more about this amazingly diverse practice for my students and myself. 

- Inhale The Future, Exhale The Past -


Teaching Styles 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Vinyasa flow is my favorite style of yoga to teach and to practice. I have a dynamic yet graceful teaching style.


My Vinyasa classes are commonly mix level easier and more challenging options are always given.  


I incorporate 

strength, flexibility, movement with breath into a full mind, body workout and of course stretch. 


Private Classes

Private Classes are customized to your personal needs and requirements.

Whether you are totally new to yoga, recovering from an injury, love your privacy or maybe there is something in particular you really want to learn.

You, your family or small group of friends. Will get 100% of My attention with these sessions.  

Deep Stretch Yoga 

Deep Stretch classes are a slower more relaxed paced class, to assist with muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury and also enhancing 



Perfect as an addition to your regular yoga practice 

sports/workout routine or on days that you are feeling a bit stiff or tight.


This classes are suitable for all levels of ability. Leave feeling rested, centred and relaxed.

"My goal in all classes is for you to leave feeling challenged, energized and well balanced. Better ready to take on anything life throws at you!"


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